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About Us

Parsons Kansas has a rich history of amateur radio operators.  Some members of the present club were members of the Parsons' club more than 50 years ago and many hams were part of the Parsons community long before that.  We represent a cross-section of Parsons with it's diversity in occupations, ages, and backgrounds.  However, we all share one very important thing - a love of radio.  

It still amazes that the countless little electrical currents that continuously stream all around and even through us may emanate from tiny little boxes on the other side of the world.  And incredibly, those little currents can be captured by wires and transformed into intelligent conversations and lasting friendships from persons across town or from an entirely different continent.  If you find this phenomena as intriguing and engaging as we do...come join us!  You will find new friends from around the world and develop a camaraderie with local hams and networks of ones who share your common interests.

So yes, we are proud to be called "hams"!
Ham radio - the original social network
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Contact us:  (620) 820-2066 or admin@parsonshamclub.com
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