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What sorts of things do I need to learn to get my ham license?

In the United States, amateur radio licensing is governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under strict federal regulations. Licenses to operate amateur stations for personal use are granted to individuals of any age once they demonstrate an understanding of both pertinent FCC regulations and knowledge of radio station operation and safety considerations.

Applicants as young as five years old have passed examinations and were granted licenses. December 2012 marked one hundred years of amateur radio operator and station licensing by the United States government.

Operator licenses are divided into different classes, each of which corresponds to an increasing degree of knowledge and corresponding privileges. Over the years, the details of the classes have changed significantly, leading to the current system of three open classes and three grandfathered (but closed to new applicants) classes.

Exams for Technician, General, or Extra Class can be given at the Parsons Ham Club first Monday evening meeting of each month.  Please contact us ahead of time to assure that ARRL authorized VEs (volunteer examiners) will be present to proctor the exam.  Additional times can likely be available if necessary.  The Parsons Ham Club charge a small exam session fee of $10, to cover the costs of running the exam sessions. The FCC regulations state that within a single exam session, for a single exam fee, you can keep taking exams until you either fail one or pass all the way up to Extra.

Many online resources are available to help you prepare for your license exams, some free and some paid.  Here are but a few:

Needing some personal assistance?  We can help.  Give us a call!

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