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Ham radio encompasses so many incredibly exciting channels of interest. Whether you are young or old, technologically savvy or newbie, competitive or just social, retired or still working, loner or community service minded, or wealthy or financially challenged, we invite you to come and investigate the many different avenues of interests on these web pages and at our meetings.  

But what exactly is amateur (ham) radio?  It is a hobby enjoyed by several hundred thousand people in the United States and by over a million people worldwide. Amateur radio operators call themselves "hams." But ham radio can also provide communication during states of emergency.  Ham radio encompasses a great many facets of intriguing intersts. (See pics below)  Scores of "nets" of hams that share common interests exist and regularly meet on air to "rag chew".

To become a radio ham, you must pass an FCC examination.  There are 3 license classes. The more privileges a class of license conveys, the more details to know are required to pass.  With a little effort and motivation nearly anyone can obtain a license.  At one time knowing Morse code was a requirement, but even though this form of communication is still very much alive, it is no longer required to become licensed.  At present the FCC database shows that within the Parsons 67357 zip code there are more than 50 licensed hams and many more in the nearby rural areas.  Independence, Coffeyville, Pittsburg, and Joplin are but a few of the surrounding towns with active ham clubs.

You are invited to attend our meetings on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Parsons Aboretum.  If you are interested in becoming a ham, our club can help you and this website can guide you to resources that will assist you in learning the necessary requirements.

So many facets to the hobby:
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Ham radio - the original social network
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